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Office Phone FAQ

Office Phone FAQ


How much does it cost to join Nextelle?

It does not cost anything to join. No contract too


Do I have to be on a contract?

No Contracts. We endeavor to give our customers the freedom and ease to be part of this terrific company. Contracts only applies to certain deals and packages from time to time


How do I sign up to Nextelle for the Line Rental?

Online, visit our website or over the phone , you can apply.


How does the VoIP system works?

You can use a App on the PC or App on the Mobile or with Microsoft Teams or get a VoIP office phone


How do I get a VoIP Phone ?

We can supply a phone or you can buy a VoIP phone yourself.


What does ‘refurbished’ mean?

A refurbished VoIP phone is a phone that’s preowned and has been repaired and/or restored to be as like-new as possible.
All the devices are tested to make sure they’re 100% functional. They test the battery to make sure it’s operating at a minimum of 80% + capacity.

Then they’re buffed and cleaned to a professional quality. The phone may have a nick, dent or ding but, beyond that, everything is in working order.


Where do refurbished phones come from?

All the phones are sourced in Australia from corporates. All the testing and refurbishing happens in Australia as well. And, of course, they’re shipped from Australia too.


What are the available features with the Office phone system ?

Stay connected no matter where your office is. 90+ features, including HD voice & unlimited domestic calling


Will I keep the same products and services when I transfer my phone to Nextelle?

Most of your existing products and services will be available through Nextelle. However some services may not available.


What happens when I sign up to NextelleOffice Line Rental?

The transfer of your phone number to Nextelle takes between 8-12 working days. Once the transfer is complete we will send you a welcome letter confirming the completion of transfer and charges.


Does Nextelle have Internet Services ?

Yes, we are offering a great range of Bundled Internet packages including cheap Fibre Plans and broadband deals as well as Unlimited Business Fibre.


Does Nextelle provide Fibre Standalone Plans ?

Yes we do. Check the Fibre Plans


Does Nextelle provide Fibre in regional areas ?

Yes we do, give us a call and find out about availability


How do I pay my Nextelle bill.

Nextelle provides bank account details for direct debit or invoiced bill payments.


Can I set up direct debit with Nextelle

Yes with your Authorisation we can set your Nextelle account to be direct debited every month by the due date.


What if I want to make changes or have any enquires about to my Nextelle Account?

Call Nextelle friendly Customer Service


Do you support migrations, both to and from?

Yes, almost all Telco providers


What is the minimum contract length?

No Contract


Is there a cancellation fee?



Do you provide Modem/Routers?

No, Office system will connect to your existing internet modem