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Mobile FAQ

Mobile FAQ


How to order a NextelleSimcard ?

Placing your order is simply organizing the delivery of your SIM CARD. The Simcard is send to you for free.


How to Activate the Simcards ?

Go and fill the activation request form and we will activate within 24 hours or call customer services and the team will activate the service.


Do you supporteSIMs , and how to order.?

Yes, just go to the site and request for eSIM activation.


Do you support Smart watch ?

An eSIM is essential in order to get internet functionality on a smart watch. If you would like to use the mobile network with a smart watch – E.g. the only time you would need an eSIM is if you wanted to leave your mobile phone at home and still receive calls and texts to your smart watch.


Which plan is right for me?

The plan that suits your needs will depend on how often you make calls and use mobile data on your phone.


What is the speed and how fast is Mobile Network?

3G , 4G, 5G Speeds


Can I get a New Numbers ?

You will normally get a new number with a new SIMCARD. It takes around 24 hrs to activate.


When will my SIM arrive?

SIMs are sent by Express Post and should arrive within 2-3 business days.


5G coverage in your area ?

If 5G coverage is unavailable at your location, your device will default to the 4G or 3G network.


What network does Network Nextelle Mobile uses?

Nextelle uses the Optus 5G &4G network, The Optus network covers 95.5% of all Australians, so there’s a good chance you’ll be well covered in your area.


How do I change my mobile plan?

Request online or call customer services.


Do I have to cancel my current service before I join nextelle?

No, Do not cancel your current mobile service. We will transfer your service that is currently active.


Can I keep my current phone number with Nextelle?

Yes, we will transfer / port your number to us. Any Australian mobile phone number that is currently active can be transferred by us to our network.


How long will I be without my mobile service if I sign up?

You will never be without your current mobile service when you are sign up.


When you will Loss your mobile number / Phone number ?

Mobile Number will be cancelled if the account is not paid for 60 days (60 days overdue)

Mobile number once cancelled cannot be retrieved , You will have to get a new number.

Business Phone Number will be cancelled if the account is not paid for 60 days (60 days overdue)

Business Phone Number once cancelled cannot be retrieved , You will have to get a new number.


How do I enable international roaming?

International Roaming is not yet available for our current mobile plans.


What type of SIM card do I need?

Each customer is provided with a 3 cut SIM card, which is a Standard, Micro, and Nano SIM card all rolled into one. Simply push out the SIM size required for your device and insert it to get started.


What is porting?

Porting (Mobile Number Portability) is the ability to move to another phone provider without changing your existing number. This can take from 4 hrs to 24hrs depends on the provider on the releasing side. IF YOUR NUMBER IS UNDER CONTRACT, THE PROVIDER WILL NOT RELEASE THE NUMBER.


How is Nextelle Mobile billed?

Nextelle Mobile is a month-to-month subscription for calls/texts or data that isn’t part of your plan’s included value. Any extras will be billed the following month.


How can I track my call and data usage?

You can monitor your usage by using your mobile phones build in app and set at 50%, 85% or 100% of your monthly data limit, or other monthly inclusions.


What happens if I use all my monthly data?

Once the included data allowance in your plan is used up, mobile data will be slowed down to 128kb if you are on a Unlimited Plan or else you will be charged an additional 1GB data block for $10 for overage.


What is the difference between dual SIM and eSIM technology?

An eSIM is an electronic or embedded SIM card that’s built directly into a mobile phone. A mobile phone with eSIM capabilities also has one physical SIM card slot. This means you’re able to use two different mobile networks; one using the physical SIM slot and one using the eSIM.

This is different from Dual physical SIMs, which uses two physical card slots. To learn more about eSIM and the eligibility for Nextelle Customers.


Can I get a Static IP address?

Nextelle does not have the ability to change IP from dynamic to static.


Can I have multiple Mobile services in the same name or account?

Yes, you can have multiple Mobile services activated under a single name or account number.


When porting, how do I know when my new SIM is ready for service?

Your old SIM will lose service at some stage of the port process. You should know then to simply insert the new SIM and it should be ready.


How soon after connection can I make calls?

As soon as you see the service active on your mobile screen


What is Post-Paid?

Our service is POSTPAID, You pay for your call usage in arrears and receive a monthly bill. We DO NOT provide prepaid service.


Why do you need my date of birth on the application form?

If you have a existing mobile service, the DOB is required for porting or New Numbers.


What is Global Roaming(International)?

Global roaming is a service offered that enables you to take your mobile handset overseas with you and use it .The service is not available on our Network.


When does a mobile plan change take effect?

Plan changes are actioned from the beginning of your next billing cycle.


What is 5G ?

5G is the fifth generation of mobile telecommunications technology that is capable of much faster speeds compared to 4G, 3G and 2G.


My phone is asking for a PUK code. What do I do?

Do not attempt to guess your PUK code as incorrect entries may result in permanent locking of the SIM Card.


Issues with inbound/receiving calls?

Here’s some helpful tips for inbound calling issues.

  1. Double check that ‘Do not Disturb’ and ‘Airplane Mode’ disabled.
  2. Do you have coverage on your handset?
  3. Check if you have ‘Silence Unknown Calls’ enabled – ‘Silence Unknown Calls’ stops any calls with ‘No Caller ID’ from coming through.
  4. Are you trying to call over WiFi? – It might be worth turning off your Wi-Fi, just to see if you still have the same issue. Some phones allow you to call over Wi-Fi.
  5. Try ‘Reset Network Settings’.


Issues with internet/mobile data?

Here’s some helpful tips for when your internet/mobile data is playing up.

    1. Are you using mobile data or Wi-Fi?
    1. This will determine whether the issue is with the SIM or your Wi-Fi/router.
  1. Check that your mobile data is enabled in the settings.
  2. Have you used all of your data allowance?
    1. If you have, you can purchase a data top up.
  3. Are you able to use the internet through any other apps?
  4. Try ‘Reset Network Settings’.


Issues with outbound/making calls?

Here’s some helpful tips for outbound calling issues:

  1. Double check the number you are trying to call.
    1. Is the phone number valid?
    2. Are you able to call other phone numbers without an issue?
    3. Are other people able to call the phone number without an issue?
    4. Have you successfully called that number before?
  2. Listen for the exact error message
    1. “The person you are calling is currently switched off or out of range” – Usually means the number you are calling does not have coverage, has airplane mode/do not disturb enabled, or their handset is switched off.
    2. “The number you have called is not connected” – The number is inactive or has been disconnected.
    3. “The number you have called is unavailable” – The number may be on another call and you should try at a later time.
  3. Try ‘Reset Network Settings’.


Issues with SIM registration?

Here’s some helpful tip for SIM registration issues:

  1. Make sure your SIM card has been entered into the phone correctly. The gold chip, generally, should be facing the interior of the mobile handset.
  2. Double check that the SIM card is in the SIM card slot and not in the Micro SD slot.
  3. Check that your handset is not locked to another provider.
    1. If your handset is branded by a provider (e.g. Telstra), it’s generally a good indicator that it is locked.
    2. Getting an error message stating “Invalid SIM”, “SIM unsupported”, or “Network Locked SIM card inserted.”
  4. Check you have mobile coverage.
  5. Ensure that ‘Do Not Disturb’ and ‘Airplane Mode’ are disabled.
  6. Does the SIM card work in an alternate handset?
    1. If yes, the issue is likely with the handset.
    2. If no, the issue is likely with the SIM card.


Why does my phone send multiple messages from a single SMS?

An SMS is restricted to 160 characters in length. If you exceed this character length, 1 or more additional SMS messages will be sent. Additional SMS messages will appear separately on your bill if this happens.


Why was my SMS delayed?

Most mobile phones can send and receive SMS text messages. We’ll take reasonable steps to deliver any text sent from your mobile phone. Sometimes technical, network or other unforeseen issues may prevent a message from being delivered in a timely manner, despite our best efforts.


How do I reset the network settings on my phone?

Please see the steps below for both iPhone and Android phones and follow the instructions to reset your network settings:



Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This also resets Wi-Fi networks and passwords, cellular settings, and VPN and APN settings that you’ve used before.



  1. From the Home screen, navigate: Apps icon > Settings > Backup and reset.
  2. Tap Reset network settings.